About Us

Hello and welcome to Female mates at heart, the place to find high quality products and information in regards to your pregnancy, children, parenthood, and health.

We know that the pregnancy of your first (second, third) child can really be a roller coaster ride. You may have such immense highs, indescribable moments that you need to share with your spouse, loved ones or friends. Moments you can hardly understand yet will never forget. And then you may have the pressures, feelings of self-doubt, financial difficulties, and feelings of being marginalized and pushed out of the way.You find that you may be second-guessing the decision you had made to become a parent because of all the naysayers telling you they’d do it differently!

Please smile, you’re wonderful as YOU ARE with all your decisions, fears and doubts. All you need is a deep breath and some information or even a new thing that cheers you up as it serves your momentary or longer-term needs or desires.

We also know that further down the road – after you have made the decision to be a parent – for the harmonious development and growth of your child, you should be calm, loving and available. Children are different. They do not have the same temperament, or the same tastes, and their development is not equal in all areas. Therefore, you should not be too proud or too anxious if the development of your child at a certain age is different from that described by experts. The most important for you is to identify your child’s unique needs and be a good model for them. Children are educated by identifying with and imitating their parents; they reflect back to us everything we say and do. The more children are out in the world, the more models they will be exposed to. Respect them and they will respect you. Be next to them and they will support you. Learn to be their friend and they will share with you their deepest thoughts and feelings. Then, and only then you will have the bond and the healthy love that can bring healthy and happy adults, and by it, healthier generations in the future.

This is why Female mates at heart has been established for.

We have a vision to help you to become an educated parent (and partner) so we can tap into the mental, emotional, and physical health of future generations.

  • We want to help by sharing the most recent information with you on everything female related.
  • We brought to you many quality products to choose from to enhance the enjoyment of this beautiful time of your life.
  • We’ve brought together 16 years or midwifery experiences with personal perspectives.
  • We offer friendship and interest in your unique views. Please let us know your insights and experiences.
  • We share our thoughts in our blog with you. So many taboos and various topics are discussed, you just need to explore them.
  • We wrote interesting books for you to broaden your perspectives and knowledge on personal and family related issues.

You may look around on this website. Enjoy!