Ever since advancing technologies and digitalism landed on the world, everything has been made easier and quicker than before. We all know that being a parent comes with challenges that require a lot of learning and experience. With so many hi-tech industries supplying fancy gadgets, looking after your young ones have been made simpler if not entirely stress-free.

In this article, we will review the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor – a convenient device for connecting with your infant. Designed by three talented doctors who claim that there is no other baby monitor quite like a smart bluebell monitor. And well, after knowing the details, not only you but your baby will become a fan of this easy operational device as well.

From a high-security system to gentle alerting vibrations, this smart baby monitor has everything in the store. Without any further ado, let’s get into the specifics.


These are the technical bits of this product that will impress you in no time.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is actually a small clip that attaches well with the baby’s clothing. No! The clip doesn’t irritate the baby at all. The lightweight and non-toxic wearable material ensure that your child is safe and sound.

So what does it monitor? This proficient baby monitor is designed to detect the following phenomenon:

  • Breathing: it can easily monitor a baby’s breathing and breathing rate without worrying about it in the middle of the night.
  • Temperature: measuring skin temperature has never been made so easy. It can sense and inform you about the rise and fall of your child’s body temperature. However, the temperature may deviate slightly from what a standard thermometer would show.
  • Sleeping: The sleep tracking ability facilitates you in knowing if your baby is asleep peacefully or blankly staring at the ceiling, ready to cry any minute. Don’t worry; even those cries are detectable.
  • Crying: the real-time alerts will send a gentle vibration to the parent’s wristwatch. This will make it easier for you to check on the baby every time he cries.

The Parent Wristband

This feature has made monitoring super easy while keeping you connected with your kid 24/7. Is the baby too hot? Crying? Still, breathing? A parent wristband has all the answers to your questions.

The real-time alerts will alarm you about every right or wrong your baby is going through. Moreover, with its waterproof ability, you can even wear it while showering. The gentle vibration and quick alerts will make parenting plain and simple.

One of the most exciting features installed in the parent wristband is the one-button routine set-up. From everyday medication to the baby’s bath time, you can now track your baby’s needs without him saying a word. How does it work? Simply set a day’s schedule, you will be reminded when it’s time to feed your baby, change his clothes, or get him to sleep.

Smart Hub

This unique tool that is fixed in a nursery enables you to adjust your baby’s environment. All you need to do is relax on your bed and control the following features via the mobile app.

  • Play Lullabies and white noise: there is a list of soft lullabies and soothing music. You can select anyone that will be played on the smart hub, assuring a restful sleep for your baby.
  • Two-way audio and speaker system: with the talk and listen to feature, you can easily talk to your kid while working. Your baby will always have your company, and you can hear those first words that you have a high chance of missing.
  • The handy nightlight: this property will come to your aid when you have to feed the baby in the middle of the night. No more flashing lights hurting your eyes at 3 in the morning.
  • Ambient noise and temperature: the device can monitor excess noise and fluctuating temperature. Maintaining the ideal and cozy sleep environment for your kid is now in your hands.

The Free Mobile App

The Mobile App is a bridge between you and your baby. All your data, all the inputs, all the schedules, this app stores everything that you plan on to do. Moreover, with multiple login options, you can provide access to friends, family, and babysitters. Now your baby has many eyes on him, and the grandparents can finally see him grow from a milestone.

Well, it doesn’t end here. The analytical patterns and charts make it truly simple to analyze the child’s activities. You also have an option to share insights with the healthcare professionals who will check on your baby’s well-being and offer you some advice whenever needed.


  • Water-resistant wristband
  • Detects even minor movements
  • Works at home and outside the home
  • Includes two lithium-ion batteries
  • Soft hypoallergenic material
  • Free iPhone or Android Mobile App that stores all the data.
  • The clip attaches well with the baby’s vest
  • 2-way audio property installed
  • Comes with a manual guide and a power cable


  • Cost-effective, but worth every penny.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long do the batteries last?

A. The rechargeable baby monitor battery can last up to three days. Whereas the parent wristband battery lasts up to 24hrs to two days, depending on the usage.

2. What is the size of Baby Clip?

A. Diameter: 43mm, thickness: 7.9mm, strap’s length: 178mm.

3. What are it’s tracking abilities?

A. It can track; babies breathing, temperature, cries, slight movements like when they roll over on their tummies at night. Moreover, it can also track a parent’s sleep and fitness activity.

4. Does it require wifi or can work without it as well?

A. Yes. The Mobile App requires wifi for updating all the information of your baby’s well being. But, your wristband and the baby monitor can function without wifi as well


5. Why is it so expensive?

A. Well, because you are getting not one but many problems solved with just one product that includes three different items.


This award-winning gadget with its smart features has become apparent in the tech-world. Unlike many old-school devices,  Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor has an easy way to virtually connect with your child.

No more staring at a computer screen when you can wear a watch and get all the alerts while being miles away from your child. You might have to burn a lot of money, but you will never regret it. Happy parenting!

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