So, your young one doesn’t like car rides? Worry no more. To ensure that you have peaceful long drives and fun-filled family trips, Britax Römer DUALFIX 2 R is designed to facilitate your newborn with extra security and ergonomic comfort. Your baby can now sit comfortably and enjoy the rides and hangouts without getting all cranky.

What is so special about this product? Well, the fact that Stiftung Warentest awarded it the test winner status says for itself. From fixing in almost all the cars to creating no trouble in pulling the baby out of the seat, it has all been made super easy for a parent. It is pricey, there is no doubt in that, but the extra features installed and the handy in-and-out system vouch for its perfection and offer great value for the money.

In this article, we will review every bit of the product that you need to know before burning all your money. Let’s not wait any longer and get into the details.


Here is a sneak peek of the product.

ISOFIX Support

The built-in Isofix base provides excellent support to the baby and the car seat. However, since it comes prebuilt, you might find it difficult to detach it every time you are done riding a car.

Fixing it in the rear seat is no brainer, though. We have broken it down to three steps for your easy understanding:

  • Locate the anchorage points in the car
  • Hook the locking arms with the anchor points firmly – you will hear a click.
  • Wait for the safety indicators to go from red to green
  • Next, hold the two buttons on the support leg till your foot prop touches the floor (indicated by a green light)

That’s all you need to do. It will save you a lot of time and energy if you follow the steps correctly.

360-degree Swivel System

The feature that stands out in a Dualfix car seat is its rotating ability of up to 360 degrees in a circular manner. Those who suffer from back problems know how painful it can get to find the right angle to position a car seat inside the wagon. But with this 360-degree rotation function, you can easily turn it around either rearward or forward. How does it work? Quite simple:

  • Look for depression at the front of the base
  • You will see a small button that is solely designed for this purpose.
  • Press the button to spin the seat around. 

Whatever direction you choose, the seat will adapt to it and will be placed accordingly.

  • Rearward-facing: Did you know a front collision causes most of the car accidents? This is when you should think about getting a seat that has a dual fix system. A rearward-facing car seat will keep your kid safe from any kind of horrific event that can have a terrible result otherwise.
  • Forward-facing: On a highway or around low traffic, you can rotate the seat forward with 360-degree swivel operation. However, a rearward-facing is five times safer no matter how much the traffic load is. Unless it’s unnecessary to turn the seat around facing forward, experts recommend you avoid doing it.

Moreover, a 90-degree rotation system can help place and take the kid out of the car seat.

Five-point Harness Protection

First things first, let’s clear out the meaning hidden in the name. The five-point indicates the five different points that distribute the force of collision in case there is an accident. What are the five points?

  • Two at the shoulder
  • Two at the hips
  • One between the legs.

All you need to do is to tighten the straps, buckle them well, leaving no chance for your kid to escape from the seat. Moreover, the performance chest pads evenly transfer the force across the child’s chest and shoulders.

Adjustable Features

The two adjustable features – the harness height and the headrest work in unison. Simply pull out the gray loop that is fixed on top of the headrest. Once you have pulled it out, you can release and move it up and down till it matches perfectly well with the child’s height. Who thought altering the height of the harness can be just one pull away?

Multi-reclining Function

Some of you might get worried when the seat stops rotating around smoothly. Well, just know that nothing is wrong with your seat. This is just another security feature installed in a dual fix car seat. There is a grey button apart from the one we discussed earlier, that is lodged for reclining purposes. You will see some marks that say “0 to 13kg or 9 to 18 kg” along with this safety button.

Press the button to select from three different reclining positions. The seat will only rotate if it is fully reclined when rear-facing or fully upright when forward-facing. You are not allowed to choose the forward-facing if your child weighs less than 13kg. It’s not bad news; in fact, it can save your child from any misfortunate happening.

Cushy and Comfortable

A dual fix car seat is padded to provide the comfort your child would ever need. The fully cushioned seat and well-stuffed sides ensure that the toddler enjoys the ride to the fullest.

The side impact protection system that comes with the side wings protect your kid from side collisions. These wings, just like the seat, are nicely cushioned, doubling up the safety feature of the product. Moreover, the pivot-link system only adds on to the utmost protection.


  • Built into ISO-FIX base
  • 360-degree twist function
  • Adjustable Headrest and harness
  • Comes with a manual guide
  • Cover can be machine washed
  • Support leg installed
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Can be used rearward as well as forward
  • Cushioned for easy comfort
  • Multi recline position


  • No newborn insert included, You will have to buy it separately.
  • A little heavy (weigh around 14.7kg)
  • No handle or support to carry it to and from the car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the car cover washable?

A. Yes, it is. You can easily wash it in a machine on a gentle 30-degree cycle. Make sure to air dry it afterward.

2. Does the package include Baby inserts as well?

A. No, the box contains 1 Dualfix 2 R car seat with a user guide. You will have to purchase a baby insert separately.

3. Does this seat have SICT?

A. The DUALFIX 2 R does not include the SICT inside feature. However, it is legally tested and approved for maximum support and protection.

4. How is it any different from any other car seat available in the market?

A. It has a V-shaped headrest, 360-degree rotation ability, soft neoprene shoulder pads, approved to fix in Chrysler, Grand Voyager, and many small minivans. You can measure the car size and see if it can fit in your car’s backseat or not.

However, it does not include SICT protection, but it sure is tested and approved by European Safety Standard ECE R44.04.

5. What is the maximum weight it can afford?

A. The Dualfix 2 R can support up to 18kg. Starting from birth, it will last till your child is four years old.


All in all, a Britax Römer DUALFIX 2 R is an ideal companion for long car drives. Once fixed inside the vehicle, it will act as a security guard for your kid. Moreover, with its exclusive swivel rotation function, placing it perfectly inside the car has been made very easy. No more back pain!

Designed to last for an extended period, you can even use it for several generations. Hopefully, the review was enough for you to judge the importance of this product in your life.

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