A large number of people struggle to get pregnant and conceive a child naturally. This ‘failure’ drives many of them to visit a specialist or a doctor, so they can find out the reason of having trouble of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby.

In many cases, the diagnosis will be infertility.

It is very unfortunate that there are various reasons for infertility, and not being able to find out the reason can be very depressing. There are a few more common sources of infertility, such as ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, and low sperm count. Some others are hormonal imbalance or more complicated issues, such as obstructed or blocked fallopian tubes, that of course largely reduces fertility rate.

Regardless of all the advancement in recent medical science, the possibility of not finding the cause for some peoples’ infertility problems may still exist. Yet many people forget that traditional ways and natural remedies prove to have a much higher success rate than any high-cost, often painful medical treatments.

In spite of a higher success rate, women are more likely to ignore natural treatments and solutions that could really prepare their body to conceive in a natural way, even after being told by a medical specialist that they’re infertile. It’s been proven that some medical treatments may increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer, yet sadly many women still opt to take these high cost medications rather than contemplate some of other healthier options, or trying to follow a holistic approach.

In addition, some of the pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, and medical treatments for infertility don’t even treat the root cause of the problem. Instead, they more likely to treat the symptom and aim to cure it that way. This may cause more issues later than you started the entire process with.

This video will look at some reasons for infertility and explains how a natural, holistic approach to reversing your infertility problems can greatly improve your chances of conceiving a child of your own without surgery and without drugs, even when you are in your late 30s.

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No question, there are a small percentage of couples who may be diagnosed with ‘non-specific infertility’. These are the cases where nothing specific can be found to explain why conception isn’t occurring. Despite months or years of trying to conceive and further months of specialist’s appointments, trials and tests, many women still don’t have a clue why they can’t fall pregnant. When infertility specialists and obstetricians/gynecologists run a battery of tests, the tests are medically based. They look for facts, such as hormonal imbalances, signs of sperm quality and quantity issues, cysts, blocked tubes, and other unusual signs that can be fixed with medications or surgery. Obviously, when doctors can’t find anything relevant, the diagnosis will be categorized as ‘non-specific infertility’ and the resolution will be that the couple will be put on fertility drugs, i.e. Clomid to investigate if that can help.

Doctors are so into traditional medicine, so they forget that there is a wide range of other factors that may affect fertility in various way. Our bodies are very intelligent and designed to give us warning signals when something is not right. The signals usually show up as pain or various symptoms or malfunctions that need to be addressed, so the root cause can be fixed. However, we all know that the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry would rather direct people’s attention to cure the symptoms than fixing the root cause in the first place.

So, think of this, by taking pain relief drugs, people are actually masking up the real warning signs their bodies are trying to give them. By taking infertility medications, they are pushing away and denying the signals that their bodies are sending out as a message of something being out of balance with their reproductive system. However, this should be addressed first if conceiving a child is planned, as taking drugs may lead to creating even more issues in the long run.

As I mentioned before, the human body is an astonishingly complex system. Biologically speaking, we’re designed to operate by ingesting nutritious foods that provide us with the energy to exert our physical body efficiently, and also to fuel our neurons that electrifies our brains.

Our brains are thousands of times more efficient than any advanced computers on this planet. Our brains are capable of keeping our body running on unconscious actions, such as, keeping our heart pumping or breathing, but it’s also responsible of releasing hormones that give aid for us to cope with anything we have to face during the day. For example, our bodies release certain hormones to let us know that it’s tired, other hormones when it’s time to open up our eyes in the morning. It also releases even more hormones when we are feeling happy and again different ones when we are upset, sad or stressed out. We can’t even count the myriad of hormones and enzymes the brain releases to notify woman body that it’s the best time to release an egg for their body to conceive.

So, what is happening in our body when those hormones aren’t released in the right amounts or at the right time, or not at all?

Most of the time, people are to visit their doctor and receive prescription for drugs that support regulating those hormones. However, those chemical cocktails may cause other problems with the smooth body functioning, even though the initial problem is addressed (not necessarily fixed).

Think of your body as if it was a car. If you fill up your tank with the wrong type of gasoline, it won’t operate very well, if at all. If you put cooking oil instead of motor oil into the engine, your car is very likely to break down totally. Now have a think about what kind of intake your tank has each and every day to keep your engine running. You must also think about the amount of food, as well as the nutritional value you’re adding to your meals. Once again, to use the car analogy, if you filled your car’s gas tank with water, it would be full – but it won’t be running at all.

The same is true with your body, so you need to revamp your current nutritional plan….but even more so, there are plenty of other natural ways to boost your body and support it to conceive, but it is important to know why and how you do that, even though you are not in your 20s anymore.

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