Many of us want to have bigger breasts, but either can’t afford surgery or we’re not genetically blessed, so to speak. Sounds familiar?

Well, as you can imagine, I was on the bad end of those two. For years, I thought had “accepted” my body, but really I kept feeling bad and doing nothing about it.

So, one day, after reading a review for Boost Your Bust, my mind was blown. I didn’t know you could increase estrogen and progesterone naturally. This way, you can develop more breast tissue, without risks of breast cancer.

Also, I thought that fat meant bigger breasts but turns it isn’t. So, although everything they said sounded a little counterintuitive, I decided to give it a go.

Well, I’d never looked back!

Granted, I didn’t become a Demi Lovato, but I now feel comfortable with dresses and I’m not afraid of losing weight.

Jenny Bolton is the author of the program. She is a health and fitness expert.

Through research, she found out how exercise and food highly affect our hormonal levels and development. For example, if growing up, you ate a lot of processed food, most likely that caused a lot of hormonal imbalances.

With that in mind, she set out to find a way that could “reverse” this damage and improve our lives.

In essence, Boost Your Bust is all about increasing your breast size naturally. Jenny places a lot of emphasis on estrogen and progesterone. Everything you’ll do is around those two hormones.

Like this, Jenny managed to grow from cup A to cup C in the space of six weeks.

Personally, time to research and learn a lot wasn’t an option I had. Boost Your Bust was great for me because it’s easy to follow, understand, and it’s focused on actions, not theory. I mean, you’ll learn the insights of everything you’re doing, but this is not a biology class.

The different chapters cover everything:

  • Foods
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle
  • Keeping your new size
  • Wellness

I mean, those are just to name a few. You’ll get your breast size increase, of course, However, if you are smart, you can get more.

Pro’s of Boost your Bust

  • Improve your breast size in just 6 weeks 
    • Using this program you will learn to increase your breast size from an A cup to a C cup in under 6 weeks.
    • The techniques that Jenny talks about, make sure that your estrogen level is increased, which results in your breast growing under a short period of time.
  • Enlarges your breast naturally
    • Using this program, you will practice natural methods that are not harmful to your body.
    • There won’t be a need for surgeries, harmful pills, and anything which will hurt your body.
two pics of a lady showing before and after

Cons of Boost Your Bust

As you know, I’m highly biased because of the results I got. However, the only negative thing I could find was that there are no hard copies.

Personally, digital screens hurt my eyesight and I don’t like to read from them. So, that was the only thing that really bothered me.

Where you can buy Boost Your Bust?

Boost Your Bust is available on the official website,

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