Your 6-month-old kid can finally sit upright, and you are still not sure what baby chair to go for? Worry no more. In this article, we will review the NMDD Baby High Chair to help you make the right choice. So what should you look for in a chair that is now going to accompany your child for at least the next six years?

Safety comes first. This high chair has got your kid’s back – literally. The height, the high-quality, the protective features, an NMDD baby chair has it all under control. With various categories of high chairs available in the market, selecting one can be tricky. You need to know what you are looking for to buy the perfect item. This article will cover everything about an NMDD high chair.

Not to delay it any further, let’s begin with our discussion.


These are some of the most amazing features you will find in this product.

Broad Seats

The width and height of the chair are more than enough for your toddlers. The seat is very spacious and comfortable. With dimensions of 76 x 54 x 96 cm, it can fit your dining and living rooms taking not much of your space. Additionally, it folds up to 89 cm high with the one-click folding ability. This size is very suitable for a car bonnet, or you can even put it on the back seat of a vehicle.

However, since it is a portable chair, the seats are not cushioned; instead, they have a cloth covering the inner plastic.

High-quality material

This durable chair features a polypropylene fabric (native PP material). The significant advantage of this fabric is a non-absorbent moisture ability. It offers a waterproof and wipeable system ensuring no stains are left after your young one is done spilling the drink all over it.

But that’s not it, this baby high chair with the top-notch leatherette material has an antifouling system engraved in it. This trait is like a sterilization wrap around the chair. An antifouling system will counteract the growth of any disease-causing organism. Moreover, it can resist extreme temperatures so that your child can spend more hours without getting all sweaty.

The durable material allows you to use it for many years. In addition to that, it’s high-quality material is safe from any BPA carcinogen that can cause severe health effects on your child otherwise.

Exclusive Design

Usually, the chairs that are block-shaped or with a low backseat have a high risk of tripping over the floor. Those of you with kids must know how much a kid rolls over when in a playful mood. Like many other portable high chairs, these chairs have a pyramid profile that provides maximum stability to the chair: meaning, no bumps on your kid’s head anymore.

The legs of this chair are encased with thickened steel pipe, giving it a furnished look. This property ensures a high load-bearing capacity. Obviously, your child doesn’t weigh 100 pounds, so there is not much load to resist. But the fact is, an NMDD high chair can easily bear the weight of a six-year-old kid who is just too curious to sit on it.

Adjustable features

Like many other standard highchairs, this chair offers several adjustable features making it easy for you to handle.

  • Footrest: To perfectly fit your toddler inside the chair, it has a three-step installed footrest. You can choose a step that copes well with your kid’s height and tiny legs.
  • Backrest: Talking about the adjustable features, this chair can be reclined with five different angles. You have an option to adjust between 100 to 140-degree reclining angles according to your child’s needs.
  • Double-layered tray: A tray or a plate is the foremost important part while dining with the family. So this chair has a double-layered removable tray that will make it easier for you to wash it after the meal. Moreover, the size is large enough to put some extra food on the plate. It also has a hole that can ideally fit a cup or a glass.

Protection belt

When your high spirited little ones try to stand or climb onto the seat, a safety belt will come to your aid. This chair has five-point protection straps that will no longer allow your kid to move freely or roll-over.

The Bottom Pulley

The four wheels provide you with a handy operational system. Like a pram, you can easily move the chair from place to place. Wait, we know what you are thinking. What if my kid is delightfully enjoying the meal, and suddenly the wheels start rolling? Fear no more because these wheels are installed with a rear brake one-button lock. How does it work? Well easy:

  • Lock the wheels.
  • The anti-skid rubber pads will keep the chair stable for as long as you want.


  • Waterproof system
  • Stain-resistant material
  • Steel frame assures long term durability
  • Easy to fold
  • Can fix in a car trunk
  • Includes removable tray with a cup holder
  • Installed wheels with one button lock
  • Can recline up to 140-degrees
  • Adjustable upper and lower five gears


  • The wide seat sure can fit your baby, but the back and the seat are not heavily padded. This can make your baby a little uncomfortable.
  • Height can not be adjusted

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the item durable?

A. The native PP material and the thickened steel pipe assures long term durability.

2. Is this item easy to use?

A. It sure is. The wheels make it easier for you to carry the chair from place to place. The adjustable features and the folding ability can come in handy when going for a trip or long drive.

3. What are the product dimensions?

A. 76cm length, 54cm width, 96cm high back and 75cm front height.

4. What does the package include?

A. The package includes one baby high chair.

5. What age group is it suitable for?

A. The chair is convenient for your cranky newborns and children from six months to six years of age.


This solid NMDD baby high chair is pretty easy to carry around. No more holding the babies for long hours when you have a protective partner for them. The multi-purpose usage allows you to take your kid for all the family trips and hangouts without worrying about your hands getting strained. If the price is reasonable and the product settles well with the quality, why not give it a shot?

However, always check the instructions and specifications of any product that you are going to buy. Hopefully, this review helped you to clear any doubts or second thoughts you were having before.

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