Picture this! You are sitting with a lovely beloved newborn in your arms, a scene you have most likely envisioned millions of times in your mind during your pregnancy… and then suddenly the thought hits you. I mean truly hits you. You’re a parent! You are responsible for this delightful little creature of life! What the heck are you going to do now? Manuals don’t apply to babies!

Well, the truth is that nothing can set you up for your experience as a first-time parent. It’s one of those insane, mysterious, exhausting, but also very exciting roller coaster rides of your life. Whether you are confident and you think you have this parental dance in order already, or you have questions about your parental senses for the future, you’ll be astonished. You’ll see, by the time you have your baby in your arms, your life will have changed profoundly.

I was a practicing midwife when I had become pregnant with my beautiful daughter, but regardless of all the professional knowledge I possessed as a professional, I still found myself asking constantly: “For what reason didn’t anybody reveal this to me earlier?”  I knew what was happening in my body, I knew what will come and what I can expect, still…it was surreal that it’s happening to me. To me! TO US! I think I wasn’t well prepared. I was hungry for more and more knowledge and obsessively checked out all the possible sources I could find at that time. Like most mommy to-be, I read books, magazines, joined Baby Center and similar communities, and tried to reach out to those people who had knowledge and experience in parenting, or at least they were expecting a baby, so we could share our thoughts, concerns, cries and laughs. I must mention that my pregnancy was quite bumpy from the very beginning. I was expecting triplets and in the first trimester from one day to another I nearly lost all my babies. My beautiful daughter was strong though. She wanted to be born as my little angel. So, we continued our journey together…This will be introduced in future blog post, if interested, come back to us.

For now, on the other hand, let’s talk about what you have to think through before you become a mommy:

The first few months are not easy!

The thing you have to accept before having a baby is that the first three months can be difficult. Your feelings will be like a swing, swaying from one extreme to another. It’s essential to have some ‘me time’ every week, so you can reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate. You’ll be sleepy most of the times, thanks to Progesterone. I’m saying thanks to it as this precious hormone has a huge part of protecting your baby in your tummy during the first trimester. You will need it a lot! Although because you have a lot, you’ll feel different…. and excited and happy and anxious, you’ll be feeling various sensations in your body, even some pain occasionally….and that nausea! That is awful!  ‘When am I going to get better’, you might be asking…but you will hang in, and take some PregEase Morning Sickness Relief to ease that feeling. You’ll know it’s all worth it! You will be smart and find out what makes you happy and DO IT.

Is there a 4th trimester?

Yes, there is! Not many people know that the first 12 weeks after giving a birth is part of the process and your baby will be slightly bitten by life while acclimating to it, outside your tummy. Your great part of being a parent will be just trying to figure them out, while they are trying to figure out how to communicate their needs and necessities with you. Life outside is a serious deal to a baby, some develop quicker, and some others take as much time as necessary. It’s okay! Please don’t judge and definitely don’t compare! You have to understand what your child is like and give them what they need…and when nothing else works, I guarantee you, if you calm your baby by getting them close to you, they won’t be adhered to your arms everlastingly. Since you will, as well, be re-experiencing a wide range of hormonal and physical changes while recouping from labor, you two may get out of sync at times, but don’t despair. You will again find the strength and the motivation to keep going and even enjoy the next moments with that gorgeous bundle of joy in your arms. You may read about real insights into what it’s like to be a parent here https://amzn.to/37SRNpO

You will miss sleep terribly!

When I had been a mother, in the early days I was excessively restless. I remember me asking my loved ones around me, “When do I get the chance to rest appropriately“? I got the answer, “Certainly not before she is 20!

Well, you’ll come to understand gradually that rest is a luxurious product for new parents. Lack of sleep is a real issue new parents (especially moms) face in the first few months, or so. Regardless of whether you decide to co-rest or rest train, you will need to do your exploration and choose what works best for you, your kid and your family. I advise you to go with whatever gets everybody more rest before you arrive at a stage where you are continually depleted. Being sleep deprived will have consequences, and you both will wind up in tears. Discover the issues that prevent your baby from sleeping through the night here https://amzn.to/2Nk8a5o

Breastfeeding? Yayyy!

Breastfeeding isn’t simple, and it will require some time to take care of this business. Learning to work together with your baby will be the beginning of your wonderful bonding journey. Even though the start can be a little bumpy, if you persevere, it will certainly foster an early deepening connection between you two. If you’re interested to know a few things now, here’s a book to check out https://amzn.to/2B0xNWg.  

At some point before delivery, you will have to make a decision whether or not you want to breastfeed your child. If you decide to do so however, then you better arm yourself with useful information and support. Most breastfeeding issues are adequately illuminated when you connect for the right help, starting with the Hospital staff and the midwifes. Get in touch with those who effectively breastfed before to get the genuine image of it, and also ask for advice of supportive professionals; for instance, lactation specialists. You can find some useful products here.

Your baby won’t need a lot of things

Just heaps of nappies, and all the other stuff. On the other hand, your baby won’t bother with extravagant gadgetry. So, think before you purchase that expensive toy. All your baby will need in abundance is your affection and closeness.

For the most part, being a parent will be about being loaded with adoration, trust and expectations by your child and they want you even when you’re bone-tired. You will battle with and chuckle at some occurrences as you never did before…and then time will fly away, and in a split of second, your baby will be a little child, and before you know it, she or he will be prepared for school. Appreciate the infant stage; it will be so unique, and you will miss it sincerely when it comes to an end. You’ll understand that to see your child developing into adulthood is one of the most mysterious and blessed courses of event of your life.

I’m sure you want to be a responsible parent, otherwise you wouldn’t read this article now. So, don’t forget, responsible parents give the correct models and teach by example. Rather than asking to be well mannered, you should exhibit the good manner, along with accountability, responsibility, reliability and authenticity. Your child like a sponge will soak all the unspoken information you display, then internalize it, which process eventually shapes who they are going to become as an adult. It’s largely up to you, please acknowledge that.

To sum up

Getting prepared for this extraordinary journey in your life can give you a lot of advantages. Nevertheless, it will be so unique to you – two. Here are some books which will surely help you in many ways. I advise you to dive deep into the knowledge they offer, hence you may feel more responsible and confident with your future decisions.

What to Expect: Before You’re Expecting: https://amzn.to/3dlx4w8

Future Focused Parents-To-Be: Planning Beyond the Birth: https://amzn.to/3fR5loA

Pregnancy: 100 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant: https://amzn.to/3fVfLDT

Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception: https://amzn.to/3hXavRK

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